Finding relief from pesky insects for you and beloved ones?
Here is an eco-friendly and effective solution!

Oasis Solar-Pro Mosquito Trap

Our Solar Powered, Chemical Free and Non-Radioactive Oasis solar-pro mosquito trap helps you and your beloved ones to get rid of the unnerving sound and itch of mosquito bite and you can enjoy outdoor experience without insects.



Oasis Solar-Pro Solar-Powered Mosquito (Insects) Trap


Stainless steel, electrostatic sprayed surface

Solar Panel

High Voltage Polycrystalline Silicon

Voltage, Current, Power

12V (DC), 1.3A, 18W


Without obstacles or light interferences: 40000-50000 square feets (360°)
With obstacles: ~5400 square feets

Operate Principle

Double Optical Frequency Vibration (No harmful radiations)

Targeted Insects Mosquitos, Noctuid, Moth,
Pine sawyer beetle, Beetle, Mole crickets, Locusts, White-winged,
Flying ants etc.

Scope of Application

Livestock Houses, Farms, Public areas, Gardens, Hospitals, Schools,
Estates etc.

Additional features

Moisture (Rain) Protective Devices